1 Hour DELIGHT – $600 12 Hour GATHERING – $4,000
90 MINS (preferred)
ENCHANT – $800
18 Hour ASSEMBLY -$4,000
2 Hour RAPTURE $1,00024 Hour CELEBRATION – $5,000
3 Hour FASCINATE -$1,500Couples RETREAT – $1,500/hr
4 Hour ENTHRALL $2,000Two Girl ENSEMBLE-$1,000/hr
6 Hour MESMERIZE – $3,000Fetish & Kink DAZZLE -$1,000/hr

Full Body Sensual Rubdown

Erotic Aromatherapy Sensual Body Rub
60 Mins/$300 – 100 Mins/$500
Allow the essential oils to transform your senses and bring you into a deep state of centered bliss. Rest as a healing desert mist embraces you. Then journey into absolute calm as pure essential oils rain along your feet and spine, bringing you closer to detoxification and renewal. Allow me to soothe away any remaining tension with a harmonizing and personalized bodywork sequence. Discover balance and deep relaxation through this transcendent experience.

Erotic Stone Sensual Body Rub
60 Mins/$300 – 100 Mins/$500
Skilled hands gracefully transition into perfectly warmed smooth stones with this therapy based on native Chinese healing principles. Specific tension relief techniques, followed by soothing rhythmic strokes, invite the ultimate combination of release and relaxation.

Erotic Signature Sensual Body Rub
60 Mins/$300 – 100 Mins/$500
Inspired by the very best of the world’s modalities, my signature massage combines Thai, Swedish, and Shiatsu techniques for a one-of-a-kind experience that energizes you for whatever lies ahead.

Mana Lomi Sensual Body Rub
60 Mins/$300 – 100 Mins/$500
Mana Lomi is based on Hawaiian healing concepts of working with the body, mind and spirit. It is hands on healing that is deep and powerful, yet soothing, giving immediate and long-term results. Mana Lomi symbolically means “to communicate energetically deep within the bones of the individual and thus with the soul of the person”

Essential Sensual Body Rub
60 Mins/$300 – 100 Mins/$500
Perfectly executed and adapted to your needs, this massage can range from a soothing touch to deep tissue pressure as your body dictates.

Balance & Harmony Sensual Body Rub
60 Mins/$300 – 100 Mins/$500
Achieve relaxation and summon total balance with a unique blend of stone massage and Swedish techniques.

Gentlemen’s Muscle Soothing Sensual Body Rub
60 Mins/$300 – 100 Mins/$500
De-stress and restore the body with a firm to deep tissue massage, fully customizable to your liking. A potent blend of blue tansy, frankincense, cedarwood and sage pure essential oils will relax your body, calm the mind, and transport you to the deepest state of relaxation.

Sensual Body Rub Enhancements
Rejuvenating Scrub
$100 additional
Revel in sleek, fresh skin that’s touchable and radiant. A pure sugar cane scrub infused with exotic oils carefully removes dead and depleted skin to bring about a vibrant, moisturized glow.

Sensory Escape
$25 additional
Elevate your massage experience with your choice of a pure essential oil blend or muscle cooling gel application.

For all late-night appointments the following fees apply in addition to my regular rates:
Appointments starting 11pm – 2am +15%
Appointments between 2am – 5am +25%

Please have my consideration on the table in an unsealed envelope prior to my entrance. When meeting in a public place, please present it to me in a gift bag or card. Please present my consideration within the first ten minutes of our meeting.
Never make me ask for it, it ruins the moment. Consideration is for my time and companionship only.
Please add $25 for valet service when required.
There is a two hour minimum for outcall sessions while on tour + $100 for round trip transportation.
Please include your Full Name, Date, Time, Length, and City of desired rendezvous at the contact page to make an appointment.

*** Willing to sign NDA for select friends. ***

Fly Me To You

I’m passport ready and happy to come to you with a minimum of a four hour session + the cost of airfare, hotel, and pocket-change.

A deposit of 50% is required for all FMTYs ​.


Priority is given for those who book their appointment at least forty-eight hours in advance through the contact page.

Please provide all information that is required as I will not be able to meet otherwise.


Screening and FaceTime MANDATORY.

A 25% deposit is REQUIRED for all OUTCALL MEETINGS!


If meeting in private: Please leave donation  in an unsealed envelope on the table and excuse yourself to go freshen up.

Public rendezvous: Bring the consideration in a gift bag, magazine or book and please present it at the beginning of our date.

Please arrive freshly showered and presentable.


Cancellations are never nice, but they happen. 

Please let me know ahead of time should your schedule take a sudden change.

First time mishaps get a gentle slap on the wrist but following cancellations may incur a fee.

Cancellations with 12-24hrs: 25% of original date

Cancellations with less that 12hrs: 50% of original date

There’s you, there’s me, and then, there’s the craving in between. – Surez